Help us make Blood Widow a reality! Donate and help spread the word about our IndieGoGo campaign.

Utilizing predominantly local cast and crew, we have assembled a very talented and diverse team.  Diversity is very important to our film making process.  It takes many voices to tell a good story.

What We Need 

We have completed four production days, which you can see represented in our Teaser Trailer.  This is where you and Indiegogo come in.

We’re looking to raise $25,000 to complete our production.  This money will go towards insurance, equipment rental, location costs, securing permits, and paying and feeding our cast and crew.

How Can I Help?

By donating today! Any contribution is significant. If right now you do not have money to support this project, then spread the word!

Also, don’t forget to check out the cool incentives that we’re offering at the different contribution levels.

A photography package is one of our most unique incentives. Take a look at some examples of MurphySpeaking Films’ work.